About SpoiledRats

My name is Nicola, and I run SpoiledRat Hammocks! I started making hammocks for my two rats, Eddie and Patsy, in 2018, as I was struggling to find rat hammocks in interesting fabrics, that were also durable and cosy for my rats. I found that the majority of hammocks on the market were hung using fabric loops, which my girls chewed instantly, and they were always made in quite boring fabrics that weren't to my taste.  

I began sourcing beautiful fabrics that I loved and made hammocks for Eddie and Patsy, and after sharing them on Instagram and getting requests from other rat owners I decided to open an online store - and here we are! A number of years later we have over 100 hammocks available to purchase, in a range of fabrics and styles, and many loyal customers that we're so grateful to for their support!

Where To Find Us

We're very active on Facebook and Instagram, and love sharing pics of our customers' rats enjoying their new hammocks. We also have an Etsy page where we sell some of our hammock designs! 

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