Double Rat Hammock - Over 30 Fabrics!

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Handmade double rate hammock with a choice of fabrics and snuggly fleece. I have personally tested this design with my 5 rats and they certainly approve!

We’ve used metal grommets to use with hooks / pear clips, these are much sturdier than fabric loops as these can be chewed! These hammocks can be purchased with 4 sturdy pear clips for an extra £1.50.

Patterns can be seen in the photos and include:

1. Monstera Leaves: White Fleece
2. Orange Fox: White Fleece
3. Purple Galaxy: Black Fleece
4. Blue Galaxy: Black Fleece
5. Tropical Parrot: White Fleece
6. Green Fox: White Fleece
7. Blue Bees: White Fleece
8. White Bees: White Fleece
9. Pink Bees: Pale Pink Fleece
10. Yellow Bees: White Fleece
11. Dino: White Fleece
12. Pink Tattoo: Black Fleece
13. Yellow Skulls: Black Fleece
14. BlackRose Skulls: Black Fleece
15. Grey Rose Skulls: Black Fleece
16. Pale Green Woodland: White Fleece
17. Bats: Black Fleece
18. Polarbear: White Fleece
19. Red Woodland: White Fleece
20. Pink Galaxy: Pale Pink Fleece
21. Green Leaf: White Fleece
22. Emojis: White Fleece
23. Yellow Stars: White Fleece
24. Grey Stars: White Fleece
25. Grey Swans: White Fleece
26. Chinese Fans: Black Fleece
27. Sausage Dogs: White Fleece
28. Arrows: Black Fleece
29. Cactus: White Fleece
30. Unicorns: Black Fleece
31. Strawberries: White Fleece
32. Multicoloured Dino: White Flee
33. Constellations: Black Fleece
34. Pink Floral: Pink Fleece