Double Hammocks (6 Fabric Choices)

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Handmade rat hammock with a choice of christmas fabrics and snuggly fleece. Approx 13" x 13" each level in size. I have personally tested this design with my 5 rats and they certainly approve! We’ve used metal grommets to use with hooks / pear clips, these are much sturdier than fabric loops as these can be chewed!

These hammocks can be purchased with 4 sturdy pear clips for an extra £1.50.

Fabrics include the following with the underside fleece detailed in brackets:

1. Red Snowflake (Red Fleece)

2. Cream Sausage Dog (White Fleece)

3. Red Woodland (Red Fleece)

4. Blue Snowman (Red Fleece)

5. Grey Stocking (Red Fleece)

6. Grey Polarbear (White Fleece)