Rat Hammock Set (6 Fabric Choices)

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Handmade rat hammock sets with a choice of christmas fabrics and snuggly fleece. Approx 13" x 13" each level in size. I have personally tested this design with my 5 rats and they certainly approve! We’ve used metal grommets to use with hooks / pear clips, these are much sturdier than fabric loops as these can be chewed!

These hammocks can be purchased with sturdy pear clips for all hammocks for an extra £5. Fabrics include the following with the underside fleece detailed in brackets:

1. Red Snowflake (Red Fleece)

2. Blue Snowman (Red Fleece)

3. Cream Sausage Dog (White Fleece)

4. Grey Stocking (Red Fleece)

5. Grey Polarbear (White Fleece)

6. Red Woodland (White Fleece)

Hammocks include:

- 1 Standard Hammock

- 1 Double Hammock

- 1 Cube Hammock

- 1 Corner Hammock