Rat Hammock Sets - 30 Fabrics!

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A beautiful set of 4 rat hammocks in a range of unique fabrics. This is the perfect rat bed for your pet rat or as a gift to a rat lover. If you are looking for a rat hammock, you have come to the right place.

Each item is handmade allowing you to choose your fabric and colour of fleece (black or white) This rat hammock set includes:

• Standard Hammock (roughly 13” x 13”)

• Double Hammock (roughly 13” x 13” each level)

• Cube Hammock (roughly 7” x 7”)

• Corner Hammock (roughly 13” x 6.5”)

Patterns can be seen in the photos and include:

1. Monstera Leaves: White Fleece
2. Orange Fox: White Fleece
3. Purple Galaxy: Black Fleece
4. Blue Galaxy: Black Fleece
5. Tropical Parrot: White Fleece
6. Green Fox: White Fleece
7. Blue Bees: White Fleece
8. White Bees: White Fleece
9. Pink Bees: Pale Pink Fleece
10. Yellow Bees: White Fleece
11. Dino: White Fleece
12. Pink Tattoo: Black Fleece
13. Yellow Skulls: Black Fleece
14. BlackRose Skulls: Black Fleece
15. Grey Rose Skulls: Black Fleece
16. Pale Green Woodland: White Fleece
17. Bats: Black Fleece
18. Polarbear: White Fleece
19. Red Woodland: White Fleece
20. Pink Galaxy: Pale Pink Fleece
21. Green Leaf: White Fleece
22. Emojis: White Fleece
23. Yellow Stars: White Fleece
24. Grey Stars: White Fleece
25. Grey Swans: White Fleece
26. Chinese Fans: Black Fleece
27. Sausage Dogs: White Fleece
28. Arrows: Black Fleece
29. Cactus: White Fleece
30. Unicorns: Black Fleece
31. Butterfly/Insects: White Fleece
32. Strawberries: White Fleece

As a proud owner of 5 rats these designs have been thoroughly tested and approved. We’ve used metal grommets to use with hooks / pear clips, hooks can be purchased as an optional extra.